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3 Tips For Using Ice Fishing Accessories

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One of the most sought after ice fishing accessories is a clam chum bag. It’s very simple to get one, and you can keep several clam shells on hand for emergencies. However, not everyone has a lot of money to spend on an ice shack, or even a clam chum bag. If you don’t want to use up all your money getting one of these, here are some alternative options that can give you the ice fishing experience that you are looking for without draining your bank account.

First, there is the old standby, the clam shell. These shells can either be bought at an ice shack, or made at home. A good clam shell holder should hold up to ten clam shells without them falling off. The shells should be held upside down, with the bottom part of the shell facing up. Clams will be more attracted to the warmer, cooler temperatures of an ice lake, so you’ll have to watch the temperature inside the boat. If it gets too hot, the clam will begin to shrink, and it will no longer be able to hang in the freezer.

Clam Chum Bag

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You can also get an ice fishing vest to go along with your clam chum bag. This will protect your clothes from flying clams, as well as giving you extra pockets for tools and other ice fishing necessities. This vest should have lots of pockets, so it will be easy to get to everything when you are ready for a good ice fishing session. Some ice fishermen even put a small air compressor in their vests, so they don’t waste valuable time refilling it while they are on the lake.

These bags work best if you are using live bait, such as shad or perch. When using chum, the fish have natural chemicals in their system that react with the scent of the bait. A good bag will keep the scent from permeating your clothing, keeping you fresh and allowing you to still be able to smell the bait.

A Special Clam Chum Machine

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Another type of ice fishing accessory is a special clam chum machine. These machines work in a way that allows them to blast a constant stream of clam scent into the water. The scent is so powerful, that fish will stay away from the area where the scent is strongest. They won’t go near anything where the smell is overpowering. The great thing about this type of chum machine is that you can set it up anywhere, and it will work all day without stopping.

Some ice fishermen swear by using chum bags as well as these chum machines. The clam scent that is released from these bags is very strong, and some people have reported that they can sense the presence of predators right under their feet. This makes ice fishing more difficult. You have to be constantly aware of your surroundings when ice fishing. You never know when a fish is going to bite.

The Benefit Of The Portable Air Freshener

If you are an ice fisherman who loves to roam around, then you will appreciate the benefit of the portable air freshener. Some of these little devices allow you to spray scented air directly onto the water. This will keep you fresh and smelling like a salmon! Many fish find it difficult to detect you if you are standing next to a body of water that is heavily scented with perfume.

Final Words

These are three of the best ice fishing accessories that you should definitely own. All three items are incredibly useful, and each one will help to make your life easier. You’ll find yourself taking them everywhere with you. If you plan to go out on a boat, an air freshener will really help keep you smelling fresh. If you’re out at the river, grab a couple of chum bags and blast some scented air all over the area where you’ll be working.

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