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A Great Fishing Spot For Sport Fishing

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Whenever someone mentions “fishing hole,” chances are you think of Lake Valley or Lake Roosevelt. However, there are actually quite a few more excellent locations for great fishing. The following is a list of some of those locations. Hopefully these will help to spark your own interest in finding the best fishing hole in your area.

Whitefish Bay:

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Located in southern Minnesota, Whitefish Bay is not only popular among anglers, but it’s also a great place to go if you have never been on a walleye fishing trip. Whitefish Bay sits at the confluence of three rivers: Menominee, Kankakee, and Calley Rivers. In fact, the term “whitefish bay” refers to the three rivers that make up the area. These are some of the most popular walleye fishing destinations in northern Minnesota. Walleye fishing can be a great sport, but it can also be lucrative for the sportsman.

Two Oceans Flats:

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Two Oceans Flats is also a very popular walleye fishing spot in Minnesota. This area offers outstanding fishing opportunities for both northern and southern states. Just east of Minneapolis, Two Oceans Flats is located on the shore of Lake Vermillion. Here, you will find two extremely beautiful lakes, two creeks, and a very popular walleye hot spot. Some consider this to be the optimum spot for fishing in southern Minnesota.

Lake Winnebago Resort:

While you’re in Winnebago Resort, don’t forget to try their famous catfish fried in batter. It’s one of the best catfish dishes in the world. Lake Winnebago is located on the southern shores of Minnesota and is bordered by the chirping of a robin and a small lake known as Wabena Creek. It sits about six miles from downtown Minneapolis. The location is perfect for those who want to spend the day fishing for smallmouth bass, and walleye.

Rainbow Trout:

If you want to fish for big, mouthwatering brown trout, then this is your spot. Rainbow trout can be found throughout the North Central United States. They prefer clear, cool rivers with clean water and rocky, steep banks. There are dozens of rivers that fit this description, including the Clearwater, Black, Catfish Creek, and St. James rivers, among many others.

Lake Minnetonka:

If you have never tried the sport of fly fishing, don’t worry. You will not go wrong if you spend some time at Lake Minnetonka. This is one of the best lakes in the state of Minnesota if you want to do some fishing on the water. There are two popular places to go fishing, especially if you like to catch the large brown trout. The first is Lake Vermillion, which is in northeastern Minnesota. The other is Lake Wohlford, which is in the southwest part of the state.

North Dakota:

Famous for the large number of Great Plains fishing streams, North Dakota also offers some of the most popular places to go fishing in the country. Located near Grand Prairie, these lakes offer plenty of opportunities for anglers of all types. Some of the rivers that attract anglers the most are Big Hole River and the Lewis River, which run through the middle of the state. Anglers interested in catching rainbow trout or brown trout should check out the Rainbow River, which runs just east of Highway 36 in northern Minnesota.


This is one of the best states to go to if you enjoy fishing for walleye, bass, northern pike, salmon, and many other types of fish. Two very popular lakes that many people love to fish in this state are Lake Wilson and Lake Simcoe. The smaller LakeWDrex offers sport fishing, while the lake of Wilson has walleye, smallmouth bass, and larger pike. Many anglers are surprised by the size of the pike in Lake Wilson, which is about twice as large as Lake Simcoe!

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