Advantages of a bait caster fishing rod

Advantages of a bait caster fishing rod

Bait caster fishing rods is developed several years ago for a similar purpose as other types of fishing rods. The main purpose of the bait casters is to provide anglers with more control over how they cast their line and hook.

Bait caster fishing rod features:

1- Rod length : 

fishing rod

The first thing you need to know about is the size of your bait caster fishing rod. You can purchase a shorter one, but it will be harder for you to target small fish species. This type of fishing rod is typically from 7-10 feet long and those are just perfect for most types of fish that you want to catch with them.

2- Rod action ( power ):    

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The second important feature of bort casting fishing rods is the power of the rod. Depending on what type of fish you want to catch, there are different types of bait caster fishing rods that you can purchase for yourself online or offline. There are some who prefer stiffer and more powerful rods and those are great when it comes to catching bigger fish, but there are also some anglers who prefer softer rods.

3- Rod material :    

The third feature of the bort casting fishing rods is the material used for manufacturing them. Most manufacturers decide to use graphite or aluminum in order to create durable and very flexible rods. These two materials are also great when it comes to strength and casting bigger lures without any problems. Of course, you can catch a lot of fish with cheaper rods made from fiberglass or other materials, but you need to make sure that the quality is good and they won’t break in half after a few different uses.

4- Rod handle:    

The handle is also an important part of the bort casting fishing rod, especially when you are choosing which one to purchase for yourself. You can choose between cork or foam handles and both of them have their own pros and cons. Cork provides a better grip, but the foam is lighter and many fishermen prefer it because they can hold the rod in different ways.

Advantages of bait caster fishing rod:

1-  It is extremely easy to use the bait caster fishing rod. You don’t need a lot of strength or experience for this kind of type of fishing, but you also have high control over your line and over what you catch.

2- People who first start using bort casting fishing rods to claim that it is a lot easier to target a specific spot on the water because you have much greater control over your rod.

3- Bait caster fishing rods are a lot easier to store and carry around. Since they are shorter, but still provide great power, there is no need for additional length, so the handle can be as short as you want it. Of course, if you prefer longer handles you can also find bort casting fishing rods, but you should know that the length will be longer than other types and this might not be as comfortable.

4- Another great feature is that the bait caster fishing rods can use lighter lines compared to other similar rods. You don’t need the heavy line to catch bigger fish, but it also has less weight which makes your fishing experience more comfortable and fun.

5- The only thing you need to do when you use a bort casting fishing rod is to pay attention to the movement of your bait because it has a greater impact on how big fish will hit your line. Your movements should be bigger and faster in order to make the bigger fishes come closer to your bait.

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