All About Flying Fish

Fish in the sea

Flying fish is a species of fishes which manages to glide through the air. There are more than 40 species around the world. These species are listed as endangered species as they are degrading every day. The size of each and every flying fish depends on its species. Generally, they are between 7 to 12 inches.

They prefer tropical and subtropical regions to live in such as the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, or the Indian Ocean. These fishes are available in abundance in the Caribbean Sea. Flying fishes are one of the unique species of species present all across oceans of the world.

They are Blue in Color

The upper sides of the flying fishes are blue-colored. The bottom side of its body is grayish. Flying fishes look vibrant in color and they are beautiful. They have a forked tail where the lower part is longer than the upper piece of its body. 

They have pectoral gills through which they breathe that can spread like wings. Some species have pelvic gills which look like two pair of wings to swim in the water. It can have a shape similar to torpedo. Due to its shape, it can move really fast in the water.

Its movement is fast enough to swim oceans as well. Flying fish can swim in the water with speed up to 33 miles per hour. It generally reaches around 4 feet in the air and glides 655 feet in the air before getting inside the water.

Its fast movement helps it getting rid of its predator very easily. Flying fishes travel across seas and oceans in groups. It consists of almost 100-500 fishes together. Predators of the flying fish are tuna, swordfish, and humans.

Mating of a Flying Fish

A small blue fish

Flying fish mate when the ocean current is weak. Millions of fishes come across and mate to reproduce. Female flying fish produce a large amount where male flying fish released its gamete across the ocean. The chances of the survival of all those zygotes formed are expected to be lower.

This process continues every year where a huge amount of flying fishes is reproduced. The life expectancy of flying fishes is generally considered to be 5 years only. Species found in the nature of flying fish are about 40 but these fishes are getting reduced day by day.

Whales in sea

Humans are killing their species every day for their food consumption. It is creating a huge imbalance in the marine life cycle. Human activities are creating major issues in marine life. There have been various initiatives by governments and various organizations to save these fishes and create some balance in nature.

We can save these species by taking few steps such as cleaning water bodies which would help in cutting down pollution level in oceans. This will help in saving fishes of all the species making a balance in nature.

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