All About The Simple and Best Fishing Rigs -

All About The Simple and Best Fishing Rigs

Fishing is one of the best recreational activities for many people around the world. Some have made fishing their favorite pastime and for some, fishing using a fishing rig is a source of income. Fishing has grown into a massive industry which includes catching and selling the fish and fish products.

All About The Simple and Best Fishing Rigs
All About Simple and Best Fishing Rigs

As the fishing industry is rapidly growing so is the fishing equipment industries. Fishing requires good equipment like fishing rods and fishing rigs. You will find many types and quality of fishing rigs available in the market. Some are most popular among fishing enthusiasts.

But different people have different types of requirement according to the condition and location. For example, freshwater fishing rigs are different from saltwater ones. There are large varieties of rigs for different needs and different kind of situations. There are rigs to fish bait near or on the bottom, trolling rigs with or without bait, rigs for surface or mid-depth and many more. 

Types of Fishing Rigs

All About Simple and Best Fishing Rigs
All About Simple and Best Fishing Rigs

The rig is basically an assembly of fishing hooks, lures, or line which is used in fishing. There are some best fishing rigs which are very durable and useful in fishing.

Flapper Rig

This is the simple and one of the best rigs. These are very effective which comes with one, two and three hooks version. You can choose according to your needs. These are also called 2up and 1down flapper rigs.

The best way is to tie the hook on the swivel between a couple of beads and locking clamp. This increases the chances of catching fish. It moves around the line, flaps the bait in the current, and attracts the passing fish around that.

Clipped Rigs

These rigs also come with one two and three hooks version but are little different from the flipper rigs. Clipper rigs involve two more components which are a bait clip for each snood and bait stop for every snood.

Since these rigs end in a linked clip and not in a bait clip, it needs impact lead. This provides a clip to the lower hook and there is one more change in clipped rigs. The rolling swivel at the inner end of the dropper is replaced with a cascade swivel.

The use of impact lead is necessary for clipped rigs because impact leads have bait clips build alongside the attachment eye. This helps the rig to be anchored where you want it to be in strong tidal waves. Also, in other elements which are used in clipped rings is bait stop is to keep the bait firmly attached to the hook during casting during the strong current.

Pulley Rig

All About Simple and Best Fishing Rigs
All About Simple and Best Fishing Rigs

This rig is designed for fishing in rough seas and also called surf fishing rig. It is a long-range fishing rig mostly used with a hook panel rig for large baits to catch and hold large fish.

Using fishing rigs makes fishing easier and especially for the beginner or the one who has recently started fishing.        

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