All About the Bass Fish

A Bass fish against a white background

There are plenty of fishes in the sea, and bass is one of them. Bass fish is a species of fishes which are found in all oceans across the world. They are generally solitary fish that are hiding in the water. It hides behind rocks, vegetation, or under the roots of dead trees in the water.

They are generally considered as predators. Their food involves small fishes, insects, frogs, or sometimes small aquatic birds as well. It can also live on zooplankton or insect larvae. The life expectancy of bass fish is considered to be 16 years but they can live for more than 20 years.

Bass Can Survive Better in Captivity

They can do better than in captivity. Bass has a good sense of smell which helps in getting away from its predator easily. It can survive in any condition but they prefer living in warm water. They are found in lakes, ponds, streams, sea, etc.

  1. Bass is a solitary fish and it always travels in large groups. They have an attacking nature and they can attack any creature if they smell any kind of danger near them. They are considered to be tough fighters. It can eat alive someone who attacks them.
  2. Female bass fish is much bigger in size as compared to male bass fish even if they are from the same age. The mating process of bass is quite different from other species. Adult Male bass will create a nest. Female bass will lay eggs in the nest. Nest will be protected by the adult male basses for days until the bass is born.
  3. Bass will live in the nest for days which will be protected by the adult bass as well. Due to the fact that they are protective in nature, their process of mating and reproduction is protective as well.
  4. These fishes are very protective of their offspring.

Catching A Bass Fish Isn’t Easy

Two bass fish

Catching a bass can be very difficult when you are preying on it. However, it can be possible by observing its behavior. They can be caught in a huge number when they are traveling inside the sea in groups. A huge fishnet would easily catch a good amount of fishes.

Bass is active early and late in the day. They can be taken at that particular time of the day when there is a high expectancy for them to be inside the sea.

As observed, the bass is attracted towards red color. Hence, it can be used as one of the advantages to catch them by using some red colored light. They would be attracted to it and then would come in your fishnet easily.

A brown Bass fish

The behavior of the Bass can be used as one of the advantages for the fishers who are looking into the sea for catching them. Also, they can be caught very easily with few tricks by making a trap for fishes.

Bass is a smart fish but it can be fooled easily by creating circumstances for them to be caught by humans very easily. Bass is one of the fishes which are found in abundance as well as can be caught easily. Fishermen can use these techniques to catch them.

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