Basic Fishing Rod Building Supplies -

Basic Fishing Rod Building Supplies

fishing rod building tools

If you’ve been on the market for fishing rod building tools, then there are quite a few to choose from. But before we go into those, let’s quickly acquaint ourselves with the term fishing rod. Basically, in its simplest form, it is a fixed wooden or metal pole that’s used to cast the line and to drag or move the fishing lure. In its most common form, the rod has one end cut out at a particular angle so as to allow the user to cast much more effectively (usually at more than a 90 degree angle).

Take A Look At Some Of The Fishing Rod Building Tools

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Now that you know what a fishing rod is, let’s take a look at some of the fishing rod building tools that you can buy or make yourself. Obviously, if you are going to be using live bait, you will need a fishing rod reel. Most fishermen have two types of reels: spinning reels and bait casting reels. Spinning reels basically spin around at an angle creating a casting movement similar to that created by a fly rod. The bait casting reels, on the other hand, are more like the traditional fishing rods in that they have a handle on top and a straight shaft with a tip on the bottom to enable casting.

Fishing Rod Case

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Another of the fishing rod building tools that you’ll need is a fishing rod case. A fishing rod case is simply an accessory that protects the fishing rod from damage while transporting it from place to place. You’ll find these cases in a variety of styles and makes, but one of the more popular types are those that are made from leather. Not only are they attractive, but they also protect the rod from rusting and other damage that may occur over time. Keep in mind that when choosing a case for your rod, you want one that’s large enough to accommodate the largest hook that you intend to attach to it.

One of the more unique but important of fishing rod building tools is the fly reel. These reels can be very functional as well as being a great accessory to have. They also come in a wide range of sizes and designs. There are even fly reels made especially for fly fishing. These types of reels usually have a spool on the side that has a loop that enables you to place the fly line through. Once you’ve attached the line, it can be drawn back into the reel once you’ve pulled the trigger once for a quick retrieve of the fly line.

Retractor For Your Fishing Rod

Another accessory you may want to purchase is a retractor for your fishing rod. Retractors allow you to bring your fishing rods behind you so you can still catch a bite without having to put it away. In fact, retractors are great for winter when you want to enjoy catching a bite on a warm day but still want to keep your fishing rod nearby. Since you don’t have to remove the rod after each catch, you’re more likely to take advantage of the opportunity.

If you plan on fishing in areas that don’t have any shade or moonlight, a ground stick will be a necessity. You’ll be able to get these from many different sports shops or from online sources. These are used to position a rod in a particular location so you won’t wind up holding it in a spot where it’s not comfortable. Rods that are placed in the wrong spot can easily bend which could cause damage to your fishing rod.

Last Words

While there are many different types of fishing rod building accessories available, some of the most important ones are discussed here. By taking care of them and keeping them in good condition, you can keep spending money on other fishing gear. This is especially important if you’re looking to go out on a serious fishing trip and catch some really big fish. Remember, if you don’t want to spend money on expensive replacement costs, it’s highly recommended that you start using basic tackle, rods and reels. The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll be enjoying the great outdoors and catching trophy fish.

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