Best FFXV Fishing Spots

ffxv best fishing spot

Fishing is one of those things in games that you either love it, or you hate it. I used to be of the latter persuasion, until I found certain niches and quests. I’ll be honest at first I didn’t understand what to do and I got frustrated. I kept with it though, even through all of the frustration. Namely after a certain quest that I’m starting this list with.

Having a goal to work toward really helped me master the craft of catching the Big, Rare Fish. The key is patience. A lot of patience, all the time.

Neeglyss Pond (Alstor Slough)

It’s a very nice, early access point in the game. The atmosphere is great and it’s fun watching the Catoblepas graze in the waters beyond. It’s especially great if you like to create your own mental stories for Noct and crew while playing! Avoiding the main story or not, Noctis loves his fishing and each spot is lovely.

Why it’s one of the best:

  • It’s actually got a fun quest (unlocks at Chapter 3)
  • Quest opens up a world of opportunities for your fishing gear
  • Easy to get to
  • Atmospheric
  • Simple to catch fish

Rachsia Bridge (Cleigne)

I absolutely love this place, it’s super scenic and it’s under/beside a bridge! You’ll have to get out of the Regalia and go down a couple slopes to get to it but it’s honestly unlike any other fishing spot in the world. It’s really close to the road compared to a lot of the others, yet vastly different atmospherically. It feels like a place you could go to in your own suburban town to go fishing. The sunrise is absolutely amazing.

Why it’s one of the best:

  • Catch a lot of fish quickly
  • Beautiful
  • Really learn the ropes of catching the larger, more difficult fish
  • Looks unlike any of the other fishing spots in the game

The Vesperpool – East Bank (The Vesperpool)

This is a Vesperpool spot, so expect a bit of difficulty. You can actually unlock a sidequest with Gladio after completing the quest “The Tomb of the Rogue”. The campsite in the Myrlwoods will open a scene for Gladio to invite you on a special sidequest to find The Liege of the Lake. The key to the Vesperpool: Patience. Patience. Patience

Why it’s one of the best:

  • Challenging
  • Side quests
  • Interesting ambiance

Vesperpool Cape (Vesperpool)

A Secret Fishing spot hidden in the Vesperpool! You can’t just walk and find it, you need to look and prepare and plan! It’s idyllic and scenic and wonderful. If you’re looking for a nice, quiet place to level your fishing skill this is an excellent option.

Why it’s one of the best:

  • Requires a chocobo to get to (as they’re the only way you can swim in the game)
  • Quiet and idyllic
  • Hard to get to and fun to stay at
  • Requires a bit of planning (don’t lose your chocobo!)

Vannath Coast (Galdin Quay)

No one ever said the best spot had to be the most secret or difficult to get to! You can arrive here very early on in the story, and you can level your skill quickly. If you follow Navyth’s quests the Angler’s Nightmare is very fun to complete. The little cutscene you get makes it all worth the struggle!

Why it’s one of the best:

  • Easily accessible
  • Fun sidequests
  • Cute cutscenes
  • Lovely scenery

These are some of the best fishing spots in FFXV.

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