Cat fishing Techniques – Basic Techniques to Catch Big Ones

cat fishing techniques

There are a number of cat fishing techniques that you will want to know about when going out to the water. The first thing you need to do before you can fish is know as much as possible about the area in which you want to fish. Know the types of fish that live there, the food they eat, and where they lay their eggs. If you have never gone into the water before then you may want to call a local fishing club so that you can get all the necessary information about catfishing.

The next thing you need to know is what type of bait you should be using for catfishing. This includes the size and weight that the fish will take and also how big they are. Many times the best bait is one that has already been prepared and stored so that it doesn’t take up too much room in your tackle box.

Know The Tact

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You will also want to know how to catch your catfish. This involves finding the perfect time to catch them, knowing exactly where to locate them, and knowing the best way to fish.

There are a few different ways that people like to catfish. They include trolling with a spinning reel, line lacing, and baitcasting. Each catfishing technique requires a unique set of equipment so be sure to choose carefully when deciding which one to use.

One of the most basic catfishing techniques is trolling. The idea of catfishing is to make as many strikes as possible from as far out to the water as possible. Trolling with a spinning reel allows you to cast your line across the entire area in question. Trolling with line lacing allows you to cast the line down a small line over an area that is very small in relation to the area you are trolling.

Hooking Technique

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Another important catfishing technique is hooking a catfish. You will want to learn how to hook them correctly so that you can reel them in quickly. Learning to hook them is simple and doesn’t take a lot of practice. Simply move your hand along the shaft of your rod until you find the exact spot you want to hook your catfish.

When you have found a good spot to hook your catfish make sure that it is not located right up against a rock or a log. If it is, you will find that you will be much more difficult to reel in.

After you have hooked the fish you want to reel them in quickly. The biggest mistake that catfishers make is waiting for their fish to come up to you instead of reeling them in quickly.

Catfish Rods

In addition to fishing with a spinning reel, there are some great catfish rods that can be used for catfishing. These types of rods are made from light weight plastic. These rods don’t require a lot of maintenance and they are very easy to maneuver when you are out in the field.

It is not uncommon to use a bobber in fishing. A rubber works just like a sinker but you will have a bit of a larger rod with you in order to create the right kind of motion with your bobber. The bobber helps give you an upper hand on the fish.

Baitcasting And Bobbers

Baitcasting is also a popular technique. Using a bobber allows you to cast a single hook onto the bottom of a large surface such as a pond or a lake.

Bobbers also allow you to keep a steady retrieve on the hook. If you are not successful with a bobber in fishing, you may have a rod cover to help you. Covering the hook helps ensure that the hook doesn’t get pulled back on a regular basis.


Find your catfish with these easy techniques. It must have been never so easy and simple to use.

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