Create Excellent Anti-Corrosive Ability in Saltwater Fishing! Especially Designed with Drag Knob!

Pulling up a heavy fish is almost impossible. This High-Speed Fishing Reel For Saltwater, Carp is made for this very purpose. This fishing reel is so sturdy that it can easily drag up to 10 kgs of fish. Catching big fish will become a piece of cake with this fishing reel. No more stress on your back, this fishing reel will take the load for you. The reel’s ball bearing and its anti-reverse bearing are made from very high-quality tech and materials which deliver a very smooth performance. The ball bearings are also dust resistant and made from stainless steel which helps the fishing reel to function efficiently and consistently. 

High Speed Fishing Reel For Saltwater, Carp

This High-Speed Fishing Reel For Saltwater, Carp is developed with very strong drag washers. There is a lot of big and heavy fish in the sea that can be easily dragged with this fishing reel. The entire body of this fishing reel is made with anti-corrosive materials so it can stay in the water for a long time without causing damage to the material. This fishing reel is suitable for almost all techniques including surf fishing, inshore fishing, pier fishing, and also for offshore fishing. It comes with multiple functions like wide drag adjustments, an oversized shaft, a compact self-balanced system that offers a balanced and strong retrieve when you are dragging heavy fish. Like mentioned before, this fishing reel can drag up to 10 kg! The handle also comes with an EVA grip which will avoid your hand from slipping. The spool capacity varies depending on the series you buy, the series range from 1000 series to 7000 series. 

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  • Position: stream
  • Model Number: HE
  • Fishing Method: Spinning
  • Fishing Reels Type: Pre-Loading Spinning Wheel
  • Baits Type: Fake Bait
  • Gear Ratio: 5.2:1
  • Net weight: 215g/215g/230g/230g/305g/310g/320g
  • series: 1000-7000
  • Max Drag: 10kg
  • Use Model: Left/Right Interchangeable
  • Line Capacity(mm-M)HE1000: 0.15/180; 0.18/160; 0.24/100
  • Line Capacity(mm-M)HE2000: 0.15/200; 0.18/180; 0.28/100
  • Line Capacity(mm-M)HE3000: 0.18/240; 0.20/200; 0.34/100
  • Line Capacity(mm-M)HE4000: 0.20/240; 0.25/200; 0.37/100
  • Line Capacity(mm-M)HE5000: 0.30/200; 0.35/160; 0.40/100
  • Line Capacity(mm-M)HE6000: 0.35/200; 0.40/160; 0.50/100
  • Line Capacity(mm-M)HE7000: 0.40/240; 0.45/200; 0.55/100
  • Spool material: Metal
  • Spare spool material: plastic
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  • Can drag up to 10 kg. 
  • Made from anti-corrosive materials 
  • Is very durable and sturdy. 
  • The capacity allows a very sturdy retrieve when dragging a heavy fish.
  • The handle has an EVA grip to prevent the fisherman’s hand from slipping. 
  • Supports lots of fishing techniques. 
  • Has a pre-loading spinning wheel.
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  • Is expensive. 


This is the perfect fishing buddy you can ever have. With its strength and efficiency, you can catch fishes that will leave people stunned! This High-Speed Fishing Reel for Saltwater, Carp is also a perfect gift for someone that loves fishing. Since the reel is made from completely anti-corrosive materials, you can count on it being your best fishing buddy for a very long time. 

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