Facts About A Fishing Technique

Facts About A Fishing Technique, fishing refers to the catching of fishes from pond, river, stream, sea, and oceans. Catching fishes in bulk is a difficult task. However, anyone can master that by some practice. It can be a leisure activity for any person.

Facts About A Fishing Technique
A box of fishing lures

Fishing is not an easy task and it requires some skills. Fishing can be done with the help of rods and different nets. It should be your choice which one suits you the most. Try out some of the fishing technique as mentioned below.

Hand fishing

Hand fishing is an age-old technique. Many people, usually from ancient times, have tried this fishing technique. Hence, in this, a person has to go inside the water where fishes are visible. With the help of your hands, you have to catch fishes alive from the river or a pond. Many people follow this technique even now. This technique takes some time to master.


Facts About A Fishing Technique
A boy holding a fishing rod

Netting is a fishing technique in which a huge net is poured into water to catch fishes. This technique involves power and high concentration. A technique like this is preferred to catch fish in large numbers. A fishnet can almost catch 50 fishes at the same time.

This technique is easy and doesn’t require much investment to catch fishes. Many fishermen generally use this technique to catch fishes.


Fishing techniques such as trapping involves a net which is poured into the water. A particular location is chosen where there are high chances of fishes activities. Fishermen usually use this method to catch fishes in bulk. With the help of this technique, around 100 fishes can be caught at the time same.


It is a fishing technique that involves the use of a fishing rod to trap the fishes. This is the most popular form of catching fishing. Also, it requires a good quality of fishing rod with a spinning reel. It catches only one fish at a time. As such, it is a leisure activity rather than fishing as a profession.


Destructive is a fishing technique which does not take into consideration the ecosystem and nature. This technique involves the use of a home bomb or small dynamites. Thus, it causes a lot of damage. Its sole purpose is to damage aquatic animals in water for the market. In many countries, this technique of fishing is illegal.

Facts About A Fishing Technique
A man fishing by lakeside

There are many fishing techniques. It requires power and concentration to perform them. Anyone can master them with practice as well as dedication. These techniques are for different purposes. Hence, some of them are for commercialization and others are for leisure activity. It solely depends upon what kind of technique suits you.

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