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Facts About Fishing Lakes

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Fishing is a famous outdoor activity which is most popular among people living near water bodies like ponds, rivers, or lakes. Fishing is not only done for recreational purposes but is also done for commercial purpose. There are many fishing lakes around the world which are full of different kinds of fish species. People go to those wonderful lakes to catch fish whether it is for commercial reasons or for recreation.

Famous Fishing Lakes

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Here are some of the famous fishing lakes around the world.

Umba River

This lake is situated in Kola peninsula in Russia. It turns into heaven for fishing enthusiasts from the month of May. This 123 km long lake is known for its finest Atlantic salmon fish on earth. Umba River has some of the finest fishing spots. You can also find a lodge on the river bank.

The fishing season starts as soon as the ice starts melting. The climate stats to change becoming sunnier. Also, the temperature starts climbing which happens usually at the end of the May month and which stays till the month of October. However, fishing is not allowed in the month of July and August.

EG-our river basin

This is one of the most famous fishings spots for fishing lovers. It is also famous for monster taimen fish which can grow up to 2 meters. This can weigh up to 90 kgs and can live for 50 years. Both the rivers are freshwater lakes and probably one of the last lakes containing trout species like taimen. You can find many lodges built along the river with many fishing spots. You can also get your favorite fishing equipment.

Congo River basin

The Congo river basin is one of the largest rivers in the world. Here you can find tiger fish in ample quantity which can grow up to 1.5 meters. It can weigh up to 60-70 kg. Congo River has many other species of fish too apart from the tigerfish.

You can find almost 700 species of fish. Some of them are very rare to see in other parts of the world. The best time for fishing in Congo river is from June to October which is the dry season. There is not much rainfall. You can fish in shallow waters along the river banks where there is slow current. The water is also clear.

Halong Bay

This is located in Vietnam and it is very famous for fishing squids. Here, you can fish from the month of April to January, when you can find many squids. Halong Bay is a place where tourists from all over the world come and enjoy fishing, especially at night. It is among the most popular fishing lakes and a famous tourists spot.

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Although there are many places which are suitable for fishing, these are some of the famous fishing spots which will give you a lifetime experience in fishing.

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