Fishing Is A Profession And Recreation

Fishing Is A Profession
Fishing equipment

Fishing Is A Profession And Recreation, over 39 million people around the world are engaged in a fishing activity. People engage in fishing for different reasons.

These four main purposes are namely recreation, hobby, competition, and sustenance. Tens or hundreds of tools are present to operate this activity with ease. Hence, you probably have come across rods, reels, hooks, baits, or lines. They all come under the accessories. Without them, it is even impossible to carry this fun activity.

Well, in most of the parts of the world, this remains just a recreational or competition activity. But, if we date back to some 10,000 years ago, we will be able to see how people carry this activity to sustain in the harsh environment for food security needs. However, this is prevalent today also in some regions across the world.

Today, fishing profession mostly hovers around freshwater as well as saltwater. The techniques applied in these two major areas also vary. Let us have a look at some of the different techniques used in each water.

Methods for freshwater fishing

These methods are carried over in natural waters such as rivers or lakes. This is the reason they are called freshwater. Following are some of the techniques of freshwater.

  • Pond fishing
  • River fishing
  • Stream fishing
  • Lake fishing

Methods for saltwater

Fishing Is A Profession
Man fishing by the lake

Saltwater is generally taken in alkaline waters including open areas, shores, or oceans. With the proper use of equipment, you can easily catch a fish. Here are some of the methods.

  • Ocean fishing
  • Deep Sea fishing
  • Shore fishing

For saltwater techniques, generally, the net is said to be optimal. On the other side, for freshwater environments, hand gathering techniques are ideal. So, there are different techniques for catching a fish. Given below are some of the techniques.


Broadly, there are 5 main categories of techniques as discussed below.

This technique involves nets. A net is a grid-like structure that acts as a trap to catch fishes in the large amount. These nets are spread over the water surface by anglers.

Hand gathering

This involves the use of hands to catch fishes. The baits used are noodling, trout tickling, pearl diving, and flounder tramping. Species other than fish like scallops or sea urchins are also caught by the hand gathering technique.


Angling includes the use of rods, reels, lines, hooks, and other tools. When the line is drawn into the water with the help of rod and reel, it is known as angling. At the end of hooks, generally, fishers attach live baits to catch fishes.


Spearfishing is a type of dive to catch a fish. This is mostly underwater or from the land. Thus, spearguns are common tools all over the planet. On the other side, slings and pole spears are famous in Bermuda and Bahamas.


The name itself signifies that it uses a form of a trap to catch fishes. These traps are generally open but in such a manner that fishes cannot get out of them. Fish wheels, lobster traps, or weirs are some examples of traps used in this technique.

Fishing Is A Profession
A man with a fishing rod

This activity can take many forms all around the world. To carry over this activity, there are many techniques. They vary depending upon the region as well as the environment of each place. Fishing is a profession and all you need is the proper equipment.

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