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History Of Weatherford Fishing Tools

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The best Weatherford fishing gear is produced by the brand that is known as the original maker of fishing equipment, dating back to 1830. It was Thomas Huxley, who made the first set of lures and bait for use on the river named after him. In his new fishing technique he combined aspects from many other fishing methods and improved upon it. It was this improved technique that would bring fame to Weatherford and his name to the world. His innovations in the use of lures led to the creation of new fishing gear. These were known as spoons and hooks.

An Overview

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At first, these were simple equipment to say the least. However, as time passed they were perfected. They included a weight on the end of the hook to allow for retrieval of the fish when it had been caught. The rattle of the spinner provided the fish with a warning as to what was coming. With the improvement of his equipment came an increase in catch for him and his crew.

In order to capture the fish faster, Thomas Huxley designed a type of lure that gave the fish a slip. It was like a rubber band that slipped around the lure, attracting the fish. This was the beginning of modern day fishing. With improvements in his equipment, he was able to capture more fish over time. By 1832, his yearlong fishing career had produced a haul of nearly five million pounds of fish.

However, despite all of his success, Thomas Huxley never forgot where he got his start. No doubt it was the fishing in the rivers and streams of the United Kingdom that influenced his choice of equipment. He wanted something lightweight that would allow him to move freely in the water and possibly get his fishing up to speed faster. For this reason, the cast reel was created.

History Of Weatherford Fishing Tools

It was a great invention and became a popular piece of equipment. However, it did not last long and was phased out by more advanced and efficient fishing gear. Then with the introduction of the fly fishing methods, which required much heavier rods, the use of fishing line became obsolete. The days were long gone of having to tie up the line often to keep the rod from getting wobbly.

However, he did discover that you could still catch fish with bare hands using his bare hands. This method took a little time but was very effective. It allowed him to feel the fish bite while he struggled with the pole. Then with the development of improved fishing gear, with such as hooks that held a charge, it became possible for humans to actually use the line to hook a fish without the help of anything but their hands.

Weatherford fishing tools have continued to evolve with time. Advances such as the spin tackle allowed for the use of a heavier line to hold more weight. As time went on, tackle became more sturdy and resistant to corrosion. Then as now, man-made materials were introduced which were better at holding up to the weather and rugged land and water.

Bottom Line

Now it has become possible for individuals with access to modern medicine and technology to go on vacation and enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about the state of the species that they might bring back with them. These types of fishing tools are made of many different types of materials including brass and steel. Weatherford has used these materials in making some of the best fishing tools that have ever been made. These fishing tools are available in all sizes and will most likely meet any fisherman’s needs. Whether you are looking for a good old fashioned hat or a modern gimbal head, Weatherford has the right item for you.

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