How To Catch Bigger Muskies And Stripes

How To Catch Bigger Muskies And Stripes

Fishing can be one of the best recreational activities during holidays. Catching a bigger fish can be a memorable experience. However, if you want to catch big fish, then it requires a different strategy than regular fishes. It includes beasts like muskies, stripes, and other big fish. They are much heavier as compared to small fish. Hence, you must have a bigger rod for catching these fishes. In this article, we describe the guide to catch bigger muskies, stripes, and more. Hence, you must read this article very attentively until the end.

How To Catch Bigger Muskies And Stripes
How To Catch Bigger Muskies And Stripes

Guide To Catch Bigger Muskies

Muskies are the giant fish having a nasty attitude. It can be the most exciting fish when it comes to the heavyweight division. These fish are present at the peak of the food chain in nature. They have sharp teeth and can eat what they want. According to the experts, it is not comparable with any fish when it decides to bite explosively.

Best Time To Catch Bigger Muskies

The summer can be the ideal season to catch muskies. Your chances to find it increase during the night time. However, you can opt for the evening if you do not like to fish during the night. During the summer season, these fish require more energy. Hence, they need to eat four to five times a day. It gives you more chances to get this beast. Moreover, you must have a swift pace to catch a muskie. You cannot outrun this water beast.

What You Need

If you want to catch a muskie, then you must have 8- to 9 ½-foot rods. It will allow you to make more full turns with fast speed. Moreover, experts recommend having Revo Torro reels for holding a ton of lines. The 80 to 100-pound braid can be ideal for getting a bite from muskies. The bucktails can be the most popular bait when it comes to finding muskie. Moreover, do not forget to wear gloves while catching this beast.

How To Catch Bigger Muskies And Stripes

Guide To Catch Striped Bass

The striped bass is another deepwater beast. It weighs over 50 pounds with a silvery body.

When To Go

The spring and summer offer an ideal time to catch striped bass. It includes the last week in March to mid-May. When they start to lay eggs, it becomes difficult to find these fish. Some artificial lures, including cotton Cordell red fins, can be useful in finding stripes. However, live bait is the most helpful for catching these fish.

Things Required For Catching Stripes

Robust gear is essential if you want to catch bigger fish. It can easily escape through lighter equipment. A seven-foot saltwater rod with roller guides can be an excellent option for striped bass. It can be ideal for spooling a 150-pound braid for these massive fish. You can hook the circle on skipjack nose along with a treble in the tail. During the low light in the evening, the chances to catch the fish increase. It is because they come near the surface for the food at that time.

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