Ice Fishing Isn’t an Easy Task For You

Many people around the world love fishing. This practice requires patience and skills. As everybody knows, ice fishing is done where there is a water body which has fish in it. Moreover, there are some places which have extreme weather conditions.

Ice Fishing Isn’t an Easy Task For You
Fishermen on ice

During winter, all the rivers and other water bodies freeze due to intense cold. It makes fishing a tedious job to do. As said, necessity is the mother of invention. That’s why people living in these regions started ice fishing.

To explain it in simple words, ice fishing is done by the people through the opening of the ice of a frozen lake or river with the help of fish hooks and spheres. However, this method of fishing is not all fun and can be dangerous sometimes if you don’t take extra care and precautions.

Points To Keep In Mind Before Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing Isn’t an Easy Task For You
Lake Shoji of Japan

Sometimes the ice is not strong or the layer of the ice is thin. There are chances that you may fall into that chilling water and get into difficult conditions like frostbite. As such, taking some extra care is important.

There are many factors which you should take care of before starting ice fishing.


The first and most important point to be taken care of is your safety. You can do it by resting the thickness of the ice because if the ice is not strong enough to bear your weight, you may injure yourself or drown in that chilled and freezing water.

You can check the layer of the ice by a chisel or a drill. There are certain points or rules made by some experienced fish hunters. A thickness of 2 inches or more can bear the weight of a man and if the thickness is about 10 inches, it can hold the weight of a mini truck.

Apart from that, it will be a good idea to take some safety equipment with you such as a life jacket, handspikes, a rope with knots, and a whistle to alarm people when you are in danger.


Ice Fishing Isn’t an Easy Task For You
A Scandinavian village near the mountain

You will have to protect yourself from snow and cold freezing conditions. You can carry a pair of insulated waterproof boots and hand gloves. Of course, you will be needing warm clothes and a waterproof jacket.

You can also take along with you a pair of goggles which will protect you from the glare of the ice. It will be a good idea to put one or two thermoses filled with hot tea or coffee in your backpack when you go fishing.

The fishing

Ice fishing is done by cutting many holes in the ice by manual or power drill and the hole should be about 6-8 inches. Once you are done with the holes, you can fish using two methods. One is with spheres or rods, and the second one is with putting traps.

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