The Importance Of A Fishing License

The Importance Of A Fishing License
A group of fish in the water

Food is the existential basis of all life. Seafood, edible aquatic animals and both freshwater and ocean creatures constitute 15% of the world population’s protein intake. Thus, the importance of a fishing license and practice of pisciculture has become a vital trade for countries with abundant water sources and long coastlines.

Being such profuse commerce, it often results in the exploitation of marine resources. Thus, the government of the nation where fisheries are functioning takes special care to issue fishing licenses. As such, the geographical area on which fishes are bred do not gets ill-treated. A fishing license is a regulatory or legal mechanism that one requires for commercial or recreational fishing.

Fishing Licenses In Different Countries

Based on the geographical location of a country, the marine laws may vary. Similarly, the process and purpose of issuing a fishing license may be different. You can apply for a fishing license online or offline.

In some countries, a license for recreational sea fishing does not seem mandatory. For example, in countries like Belgium, New Zealand, Estonia, Cyprus, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, etc., you do not need a fishing license for recreational fishing in freshwater or brackish water.

This is possible only because in these countries there are strict legal actions taken by the concerned authorities on malpractices pertaining to marine life and marine environment.

Fishing License In India

A man fishing with his son

In a peninsular country like India which employs about 8,129 kilometers of the Indian coastline and contributes over 1 percent of India’s annual gross domestic product, fishing forms a vital portion of its economy. Thus, it is essential to frame necessary laws to prevent the exploitation of marine resources.

Several states have a huge density of fish-eating population. It includes Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, and West Bengal. To take care of fishery activities, the government of India issues specific fishing licenses based on the geographical location.

For example, the government of Maharashtra issues maritime fishing licenses whereas the government of states like West Bengal issues freshwater fishing licenses. You can apply for these fishing licenses online from the official website of ‘national portal of India’. By payment of the required sum, you can receive the Fishing license conveniently.

Fish swimming in the water

Fishing greatly contributes to the nation’s economy. It is also true that large scale practice of fishing has resulted in the over-utilization of marine resources despite having a systematic process of issuing fishing licenses.

Thus, there is a need for strict and enforceable laws that not only punish the usurpers but prevent others from causing harm to the natural marine environment. Initiating programs for the welfare of the marine environment helps to improve this.

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