Perch Fishing Techniques That Will Help You Catch the Big Ones - Perch Fishing Techniques That Will Help You Catch the Big Ones -

Perch Fishing Techniques That Will Help You Catch the Big Ones

perch fishing techniques

If you are an angler, it is important for you to learn some simple and good Perch fishing techniques to get the best catch. In fact, catching the bigger perch can be a challenge at times. However, if you have the right technique at hand, then you will certainly make a difference in your day. Here are some of the common techniques used by anglers to hook bigger fish.

An Overview

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One of the best perch fishing techniques involves the use of minnows. You can also try casting a spoon or a worm onto the water in order to attract the perch. Once the perch has attracted, you can try tapping its nose with your foot or using a stick to gently shake its body side to side. This will rouse the perch into action.

Another one of the common perch fishing techniques involves the use of lures. The popular choices among anglers include worms, plastic worms and the artificial baits. However, when you are going for worms, you need to make sure that they are fished properly so that they do not end up sticking on the bottom of the water. This is a common problem that occurs if the worms are not fished properly.

The Tips To Target

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In addition, you need to ensure that you know which perch to target. This is because different types of perch have different natures. For instance, the water may be chilly and the fish may be sluggish. So, you need to determine where the sluggish perch is. Once you have located the perch, you can move onto the warmer waters. This is because the fish will be more active and this will ensure that you have a successful day at the water.

You need to determine where the feeding areas are. Most beginners go after the topsoil. However, if you have fished in the area before and you were able to hook up with the right fish, then you can go for the surface and try to catch small fish.

Important To Remember

Once you are done, you should always remember that you should go after the perch fishing techniques which will allow you to get the best experience from it. Apart from using the rods and reels, you will also have to pay special attention to the bait you use. This is because the bait will have a huge impact on the whole experience. For instance, the bait will either attract the fish or else it will not. The experience will be completely dependent on the kind of bait you choose.

If you are new to the area, you can simply pick up one of the smaller pots and move them around to different parts of the waters. This will ensure that the fish have enough food in the water without crowding them up. However, if you are experienced in fishing and want to test yourself and make more money out of it, then you can try techniques such as bottom jigging or trolling for perch using a spoon. In this technique, you will actually put the spoon under the water and try to attract fish from below by jigging.


Most people who have tried this technique claim that they were able to get more fish on this method. However, if you do not have much experience in the area, you should stick to the bigger perch rather than moving around the perch. This is because if you do so, you might end up moving from one perch to the other which might confuse the fish and they might escape.

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