Public Fishing Areas That Will Improve Your Fishing Techniques

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Fishing is more than just an activity. It is a hobby for many and a passion for few. People like to fish in their free time, and for some people, it is their job. Fishing is also known as angling. One can catch many types of fish while angling. These fishes may be freshwater or seawater fishes. There are many kinds of fishing including troll fishing, bass fishing, fishing for salmon, fishing for flounders, etc. Many areas all over the world are famous for their unique, beautiful, and useful fishing spots. 

Some of the major public fishing areas of the world include the following.

Public Fishing Areas – Orkney Islands

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The Orkney Islands is in Scotland and is often referred to as Europe’s playground. There is an abundance of species of fish that makes it a wonderful spot for angling. This island intersects with nearby rivers and lochs. One can find the usual saltwater fishes, alongside, salmon, bass, trout, and hake. Sea angling on the island mostly consists of ground fishing for cod and Ling and pollack. There are other species like Torsk and wolffish as well. While fishing in the Orkney islands, one can also find flatfishes like Dab, Skate, Dogfish, Spur-dog, and coalfish. Apart from fishing, the island is also famous for local ghillies, mystery stones, and craggy cliffs.

Public Fishing Areas – Coromandel Peninsula

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Coromandel peninsula is in New Zealand. There is a wide range of fishing options in this region. It is a great destination for winter rock fishing. The beautiful craggy coastline is known for a wide variety of fish.  The kingfish is the hardest to find and fish. They weigh over 30 kilos and the biggest kingfish are located 20 to 30 nautical miles offshore around the offshore islands and underwater pins on the eastern side of the peninsula. Additionally, snapper and striped marlin can also be found around the peninsula. Striped marlin passes through the waters of the western peninsula and can be found easily from late November to mid-February. There are many fishing options available by which people can go angling. These include land-based fishing, on a charter boat, and kayak adventures. 

Public Fishing Areas – Cairns

Cairns in Australia are famous all over the world for providing fishing areas. The coast off eastern Australia is also famous for the Great barrier reef. Cairns is the world’s best marlin fishing spot. The marlin fish weighing 750+ kg inhabit between cairns and lizard island. The marlin fish can be found between early September and late December. Other prized fishes in cairns include mangrove jack, barracuda, snapper, red emperor, coral trout, flathead, sooty grunter among many others.


These areas have a spectacular view. They are easy to reach as well. Apart from fishing, there are many other sightseeing and tourist attractions as well. You can always do a better job if you have the right fishing techniques and we hope the tips we have provided above helps you better.

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