Small Mouth Bass Fishing Techniques - Protect Marine Switch Panel During Fishing - Small Mouth Bass Fishing Techniques - Protect Marine Switch Panel During Fishing -

Small Mouth Bass Fishing Techniques – Protect Marine Switch Panel During Fishing

small mouth bass fishing techniques

The carelessness towards electric panels and faulty electricity connections are the major reasons for the most severe life and property losses. To ensure proper electricity flow, one must first ensure the complete safety of one’s switch panels. Nowadays marine switch panels are available that has made our life in water much carefree and easy by providing water resistant fuses for electricity flow. But the utmost safety of these marine switch panels also must be ensured. Let us understand the protection of marine switch panel as a part of the small mouth bass fishing techniques.

Small Mouth Bass Fishing Techniques – Marine Switch Panels

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These switch panels are built up of high impact UV-stabilized plastic. Contains water resistant fuse holders. To ensure that it’s totally waterproof and watertight, there are usually added seals.

In today’s discussion, we would uncover certain basic yet uncommon ways of protecting our marine switch panels to ensure our safety.

Small Mouth Bass Fishing Techniques – Protecting Marine Switch Panels

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The basic care that one must employ towards these marine switch panels is keeping them away from all kinds of oils, dust and fuming fuels or vapors, or any source of dripping water and moisture. Needless to say that these switches must be located away from windows since there are high chances of water getting splashed on these switches and ruining them.

Also, make sure that there is sufficient space around panels to operate them and no parts of the panel should be exposed.

Another way is to opt for splashproof and water resistant marine panels having anti-corrosion and over-load protection features.

Power System

Many larger boats have two-way power system; AC and DC. One may be aware of the efficient use of these systems but it does require a course of basic understandings to ensure a longer life for your marine switch panels. Some points to remember can be; while shifting from shore to generator, remember to shut off these systems first or else it could increase the chances of a short circuit. Another thing to follow is not switching too many loads at the same time as AC power comes from shore when on the dock and from the generator when the boat is in water, both of which includes a limited capacity of amp loads.

Apparently, the most dangerous part about these electrical switches is that their wiring is invisible. You would only know through results that something is going correct or wrong. So to be able to do certain troubleshooting while on board, it is important to understand your marine DC basics.


Apart from taking care of AC and DC, one also has to learn that modern electronics work on smoke, so if smoke escapes from any piece of marine switch panel, it is an indicator that it is about to stop. And to save this, never try to cut and shorten GPS antenna cables or marine network cables. Always save wires and wiring bundles from getting scratches and scraping or else it could increase the chances of a short circuit. An inappropriately sized fuse can also enhance the chances of accident and even that should be placed vigilantly. If any of these caring tips seems too tough or complex, one could always hire a marine electrician to serve the needful

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