Some Reasons On why Fishing Is Good: An Informative Discussion


Fishing Is Good- I can think of a few simple ones from my childhood. A word of caution, the first fish I ever caught was a teeny tiny bluegill fish that accidentally got snagged on my hook. Fishing is good. It means he didn’t even attempt to bite my bate, he just swam by, and the hook, by a freak accident, had snagged onto him, and he couldn’t get away. In some ways, that defines my relationship with fishing ever since. A little off, but a lot of fun regardless!

 A little background, I grew up in Minnesota, which has thousands of freshwater lakes. Fishing is too famous. My grandfather was a master fisherman. He participated in state fishing tournaments and won several trophies along with my uncle, who was his fishing partner.

 As a result, my grandfather was known in his town (population of about 2,000 people), and people would follow him to see where he was fishing because my grandfather would catch and release all summer and find the best locations.

Fishing Is Good: The Story Continues

 Once, when I first learned to fish, my grandfather took me to a river edge and instructed me to be careful when I cast, because of the trees overhead. Of course, being a small child and new fisherman, My first cast went right into the nearest tree. And we had to sacrifice the line and lure I was fishing with. The only solace was that when I looked into the tree, I saw a half a dozen other lines and lures also snagged into the same tree!

Some Reasons On why Fishing Is Good: An Informative Discussion
Some Reasons On why Fishing Is Good: An Informative Discussion

 Once when we were driving to fish, my grandfather suddenly slammed on the breaks, did a lightning-quick bootleg turn, flew off down the road the other way, and turned onto another highway a short distance away. My grandfather had just “lost a tailer”. Someone had been following us. A moment later, we stopped at a location with 6 feet tall grasses on either side of the road. I couldn’t see anything.

A Personal Experience While Fishing

My grandfather approached the green, and just when we got close to the grass, I could see there was a very narrow path into the grass, cut at a very sharp angle, making it invisible from the road. The trail switched back and forth in a zig-zag until we came to a tiny cut out at the edge of a lake. There was a white 5-gallon bucket sitting there. Grandpa sat on the bucket, and we promptly cast our lines into the water. As soon as we caught a fish, grandpa flipped the bucket, and in it went. Before long, we had our limit and were headed back home for a fish fry.

What Was The Final Point?

 Finally, here is an Ice fishing story. In Minnesota, it is common practice to fish on the ice. This is done by drilling a hole through the ice and dropping in a line. Sometimes we stand on the ice and fish, and sometimes we have little fish houses that we drag onto the ice, and we fish through the floor. Occasionally fisherman uses small mechanical pop-up fishing devices to have extra lines in the water.

Some Reasons On why Fishing Is Good: An Informative Discussion
Some Reasons On why Fishing Is Good: An Informative Discussion

Know More About

These are simple spring-loaded devices that, if a fish grabs the line, it will tug, and a flag will pop up, and you will know you’ve got a fish on the line. In my experience, not many fish are for catching this way, but it is a fun idea. So we where on the ice in a fish house, I was about 4 or 5, and we had some extra pop-ups outside. I went out to check the pop-ups and saw one of the flags was up! I got my dad, and we pulled the line in and low and beheld. There was a hot dog at the end of the line! Of course, my dad knew right away someone had played a prank on us, but I thought for sure we had successfully caught a full, healthy hot dog.