The Fishing Areas among Islanders Of The Atlantic Forest In Brazil

Multispecies Fishery And Sea Food Quality

The fishing areas among the islanders of Atlantic Forests are not for outside people. A study has revealed that the anglers in this region include the inhabitants of the Atlantic forest only. The spots are mapped separately according to the residences of the fishers. Outsiders are not allowed in these areas. All these areas were checked through GPS within the period 1997-1999 to get a clear idea of fishing habits prevailing here. Also, the regions are sub-divided among the different artisanal fishers. These mappings and divisions are for controlling intrusion of outsiders and local management. These fishing spots have not undergone much change in the past ten years and have remained stable.

The Fishing Areas among Islanders Of The Atlantic Forest In Brazil

Study on Fishing Areas

A study conducted reveals various information and statistics regarding the types of fish caught in the forests of Atlanta and the specific areas of fishing. It states that paddled and motorized canoes help in fishing. Sometimes small boats are also there. However, along with fish, other marine animals are there, as well. The variety of catches include crabs, shrimps, fish, squid etc

The fishing spots also have some informal divisions based on the local residencies of the inhabitants. Several data collections from the islands around the period 1989-1990.Nets, hooks and trawlers help in fishing. But to avoid conflicts among the fishermen, there are distinct mappings and divisions. The artisanal fishers maintain consistency while using their respective fishing spots. Due to this long-term stability, it is easier to observe their fishing patterns. However, these forest people are extremely introverts. They don’t like the entry of others in their fishing zones. Still, some industrialists break the peace of the place and try to fish in these no-entry areas. Some local rules are in place to overcome the problems. Still, some problems do occur frequently. Hence, it is essential to device stringent restrictions to prevent others from entering these regions often.

The Fishing Areas among Islanders Of The Atlantic Forest In Brazil

Matters of Concern

Protection and preservation of forests and coastal areas have now become a matter of concern. After repeated alerts also, people are very reluctant about it. They not only come to fish in these coastal regions but also spoil the cleanliness of these places. There is an urgency to frame strict rules to protect so that the peace and harmony of the area. Local fishers should have exclusive rights to fish in these fishing areas. For conservation of the Atlantic Forest Coastal areas, the industial fishers should restricted access to maintain law and order of the protected fishing points and also to avoid regular conflicts with the locals.

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