The Incredible Shark -

The Incredible Shark

A shark in the water

Sharks are the most ancient creatures living on this earth which have outlived dinosaurs. There are large varieties of shark species on the earth. Out of these expected are around 500 species present in the oceans.

The size of the sharks can vary from 3 feet to 40 feet. They are in every kind of ocean habitat, whether it is deep sea or arctic ice-ocean. Every type of shark has the same features. All have skeletons made of cartilage that are flexible and much lighter than bones.

Interesting Facts About Sharks

Sharks in sea

There are many interesting facts about the sharks which makes it a special cartilaginous fish.

Fast swimmers

Sharks have the ability to swim fast because of their unique skin which is designed in such a manner. There are millions of v-shaped denticles which are actually fish scales. This allows the water to pass smoothly and reduce the friction which helps sharks to swim faster.

Another factor is that while swimming, some sharks stiffen their tails back and forth. Normally a shark can swim at the speed of 25-30 miles an hour. Sharks do not have swim bladders.

Intelligent Sensors

Sharks have very intelligent and highly refined communication and hunting senses. Also, they have six senses which are taste, vision, smell, hearing, touch, and the very lethal electromagnetism. These senses along with the torpedo-shaped body make sharks a deadly lethal hunter.

The eyes of the shark resemble human eyes. The pupil of many sharks changes according to the levels of light. Many sharks have layers of reflective cells behind their retina. It allows sharks to sea in dirty water in the deep oceans as well as in the dark.


Sharks have this wonderful sensing capability which helps them to navigate while migrating long distances in the ocean without getting lost. Also, sharks can sense the earth’s electromagnetic field. This sense also allows them to sense objects or other fish in the water. Sharks can also detect electric fields created by other sea animals. Through the small pore which is on their head, these cells are filled with a special substance. It can conduct electric charges from the ions present in the saltwater of the sea. 

About Ground Sharks

Sharks are classified into different sections which include specific types of species of shark.

These are some of the most common sharks you may know: hammerhead sharks, tiger sharks, bull sharks, or catsharks to name a few. These groups of sharks are defined by the shape of their snout. Also, this group of sharks has around 270 species of sharks

A couple of sharks underwater

There are other groups which have many other types or species of sharks. They are being endangered by the fishing for commercial purposes.  

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