The Useful Fishing Nets You Have To Know -

The Useful Fishing Nets You Have To Know

As the name suggests, the fishing nets are a net trap for fishing. The structure is like a grid and a woven fiber. They look like meshes formed by knitting a thin thread. The materials of modern-day nets are cotton, nylon, wool, and silk. In early times, fishermen used to make these fishing nets with flaxes, grasses, and other fibrous plant material.

The Useful Fishing Nets You Have To Know
Fishing net

A Brief History of Fishing Net

Fishing nets are a deep thing of the past. They appeared in many previous ages starting from the age of stone. Also, in Stone Age societies, these nets were known as Antrea made from willow. Recently, fishing net sinkers which date back to 27000 BC were discovered in Korea.

Also, in rock carvings at Alta, mysterious images in the form of rock carvings are actually fishing nets. Fishing nets also made an appearance in Egyptian tomb paintings that date back to 3000 BC. Moreover, even the New Testament mentions that Jesus Christ is a reputed master in the use of fishing nets.

Forms of a Fishing Net

The Useful Fishing Nets You Have To Know
A couple of fishing nets

There are various types of fishing nets found in the fishing market as discussed below.

Cast Net

As the name signifies, the fisher manually throws it in such a manner that they cast over the whole water and sinks. Hence, these nets are small in size and contain weights on their edges. As the net gets hauled back, fish is caught.


This net is thrown at the bottom of the sea or lake such as the seine net. Weights are added at the bottom of the net to adjust fishing depth.

Drift net

The drift net gets drifting with the current. Their most common use is in coastal areas and generally known as tangle or gill nets.

Fixed gillnet

This is a form of fishing net to catch fishes in shallow as well as intertidal zones. Their structure is fixed on the ground usually in rivers or sea flows. Fixed gillnet consists of a sheet of network stretched on stakes.

Fyke net

It is in the shape of a bag and open hoops hold it. Their building structure is capable to link them together. They are for catching eels in rivers where there is no capability to build large traps. The process is similar to pitcher fishing.

Hand nets

These nets are open by a hoop. They are attached to a long or short stiff handle. It is so for having easy handling. We can also refer to them as a landing net when used by an angler to land a fish. These hand nets are good for catching eels.

The Useful Fishing Nets You Have To Know
A fishing net with rope

Thus, the fishing net is a form of the trap in which the use of rods and baits are missing. It is a simple technique to catch fish by just casting a net over the river as well as waiting for prey to come there. After a fisher feels that the net is full of fishes, then he draws it out. This is all about the fishing net. Hope you enjoyed it.

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