Top 5 Best Fishing Spot In The World

Best Fishing Spot

In the earlier days fishing was meant to earn a daily livelihood. Later it became a part of the hobby and now more like a big scale business and also sports. The best fishing spot in the world serves a ground for more fishes and optimal weather for breeding them. The fishing season depends on ocean currents. These currents help fishing activity across various spots in the world. Here are some of the best spots you must know.

Costa Rica: The Best Fishing Spot

The sun and the sea define Costa Rica. The Mediterranean currents promote fishing activities, bringing more variety of fishes to the shore. Though small in size, the country has a long coastline. These long coastlines provide distinctively different coasts across the county, giving rise to more fishing sports. Fishes like Dorado, Tuna, Wahoo, and Marlin are prominent on the Pacific side of the country. While the big fishes like Snook and Tarpon are more common on the Caribbean side. You can try the adventurous sport fishing activity in Costa Rica on a yacht provided by various agencies or your own private yacht. The importance of such places is very effective.

Best Fishing Spot In The World
Best Fishing Spot In The World

Eg-Uur River Basin in Mongolia

Taimen fish dominates this fishing spot. Taimen is rarely found in any other country and thus Mongolia protects this treasure. This fish is a very fierce nature and heavyweight. It can weigh up to 90 kilograms and live for 50 years. Knowing the dangers, the government of Mongolia has restricted the exportation of this fish and the fishing season is from June to September.

Lough Corrib In Ireland As The Best Fishing Spot

May month is the fishing season for the red-fleshed Corrib trout. The people around this region witness a ’mayfly holiday’ due to the fishing season. There is a special holiday in this regard in the schools of Oughterard. The fishing process starts with the locals offering live mayflies on the net to lure the trout. This place is worth considering when it comes to choosing the best fishing spot. 

Elephant Lake, Munnar, Kerala

Backwaters define Kerala to a certain extent. A wide variety of fishes present in the water. It is located in the hills of Munnar where fishes like sardines, tuna, and pomfrets are common. The fishing season is usually throughout the year and a local fisherman will guide you in this journey. In this fishing journey in Kerala, you will come across many varieties of fish and the recipes that come along.

Lochy River In New Zealand

Lochy River is located in Queensland. This place is known as the adrenaline capital hosting various sports. Fishing is one of them. There are two ways to get into the Lochy River i.e by helicopter and boat. Major fishes found here are Salmon, Tuna, and Sardines. Fishing lovers will find this place a paradise for them.

Best Fishing Spot In The World Guide
Best Fishing Spot In The World Guide


The growing fishing activity has enabled the best practices in fishing. Still, the best fishing spots which are mentioned above will serve as a better experience for you when you go fishing.

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