Uses and benefits of right-handed bait caster

right handed baitcaster

A right-handed bait caster is a fishing reel that enables the easy handling of the rod by the right-handed angler. It is an advanced type of spinning reel which makes use of gears and loops to provide smooth reeling during the cast, retrieving, and fighting of fish. In addition, it has an automatic brake system that prevents backlash when casting.

What are the different types of fishing reels?


There are four main types of fishing reels out there, namely: spinning reel, bait caster, fly reel, and conventional reel or also known as the open-face reel. The first three ones should be familiar to most anglers because these kinds of reels are more common on the market.

Spinning reel:

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The spinning reel consists of a level-wind mechanism. It is easy to operate and maintain and requires little practice to use. The regular action rod is used in most cases with this type of reels, which makes them appropriate for catching small and medium-size fish.

Bait caster:

They allow anglers to catch a wide range of fish. They are a bit more complicated to use when compared with the spinning reels and it requires some practice to do so effectively.

Fly reel:

The name says it all, this one is used in fly fishing which is considered the most accurate kind of angling. It comes with a handle that’s called ‘ a grip’ or ‘an uplocking reel seat’. The line can be adjusted with the help of a level-wind mechanism.

Conventional reel:

The conventional reel is considered to be simple in design and operation, but its popularity has dwindled over time. It makes use of a handle, upright spinning disk, and metal arm to operate.

What is the right-handed bait caster used for?

The right-handed bait caster has a number of applications, which includes:

for catching medium to big size fish

it is used by sporty anglers who enjoy jigging and deep dropping.

It can also be used in saltwater where the power needed is more than that provided by spinning reels.

Casters are also considered to be great for kids because of their simple operation

It is used in fishing tournaments where casting needs to be done several times.

What reels are right-handed bait caster compatible with?

The right-handed bait caster is compatible with any rod. However, to get the best out of this type of reels rods with an action point that is more towards medium are best suited.

The ideal rod length, power, and action vary depending on what kind of fish you intend to catch, but the most common ones are between 7’6″ to 8′.

For beginners anglers using right-handed bait caster, rods with medium power coupled with moderate action are most appropriate.

The average line weight for this kind of reels is anywhere between 8 to 20 lbs, however, anglers use lines that can go up to 40lbs.

Why right-handed bait caster?

Right-handed bait casters provide the following benefits:

it allows anglers to cast further and smoother when compared with other reels like spinning reels.

it can be used in both fresh and saltwater conditions.

There are many models which are available at an affordable price, while high-quality bait casters tend to be more expensive.

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