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What Canoe Fishing Accessories Are Essential

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When you go out on a canoe fishing trip, there are some accessories that you will need. There are two primary options when it comes to these items. The first choice is to buy them already assembled at your local sporting goods store. The other option is to build them yourself.

Some of the most important canoe fishing accessories are the fishing rod and reel. These two pieces of equipment play a critical role in fishing. Each one does a specific task in relation to the other. In order to have a successful fishing trip, you will have to choose a quality set of equipment. Without quality equipment you will be unable to achieve great results.

Purchasing Folding Anchor

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A good example of one of the many canoe fishing accessories that you may need is an anchor. One way that you can help ensure that you have an anchor available when you are not using your boat is to purchase a folding anchor.

An anchor is invaluable in fishing because it provides a place for the angler to tie their boat to in order to anchor it to the shore. Having an anchor will also help the canoe and its rider stay stable as it is being towed. If you do not own an anchor, you may want to consider purchasing one to attach to your boat.


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Another piece of equipment that is often overlooked by many people is the lifejacket. This piece of clothing is important because it protects the body from hypothermia if the temperature drops while paddling. A life jacket should be worn every time that you fish in cold weather. Lifejackets are usually sold separately, but you can find one that matches the canoe fishing accessories that you have purchased.

Special Fishing Reels

Other pieces of equipment that are necessary but often overlooked are special types of fishing reels. Catching fish with standard reels will wear them out very quickly. Specialized reels are designed to withstand the stress of heavy fishing canoes. You can purchase a reel that has drag systems so that you increase the effectiveness of your fishing. With specialized reels you also get more line control, so you can make precise casts without wasting your time.

Another one of the most popular and frequently used canoe fishing accessories is the lifejacket. If you are fishing in colder climates where the temperature can drop at night time, you need to wear a lifejacket. If it is a bit chilly in your canoe, don’t wear a lifejacket. It is not only uncomfortable, but it can also be hazardous.

Three Basic Types

When it comes to shopping for a new canoe, you need to know what kind of fishing you are planning to do. There are three basic types of fishing: deep sea, freshwater and outrigger. Deep sea can be done with a deep-sea fishing rod, a heavy tackle and live bait. For freshwater fishing, you need a lightweight fishing rod with an efficient line. Once you have decided on the kind of fishing you want to do, you then need to choose the right kind of tackle.

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Fishing License

A fishing license is essential if you plan to fish in any national or state waters. The state you live in most likely does not require a fishing license if you have a vehicle that will carry you to the water. However, if you are going to fish in deeper water, a fishing license is necessary to fish legally. In some states, you can get information on fishing licenses by contacting the department of fish and wildlife. If you have a canoe, however, you will have to get information on your own.

Carrying Fishing Gear

You will also want to know about carrying your fishing gear. Canoes come with lots of different kinds of equipment that makes it easy to transport your gear, but not everyone has the space.

Some canoes are large and wide, with lots of storage space for other items as well. If your gear will not fit in the storage compartment, consider buying a kayak instead, or take the time to add a kayak to your canoe.

Wrapping Up

Rod holders are also an important option when it comes to canoeing accessories. Canoes usually come with a fixed rod holder, but it is possible to purchase a removable one for a more stable cast. The saranac 160 rod holder is very sturdy and won’t move even after several casts. It also keeps your rods level so you don’t have to struggle with a heavy rod when trying to catch fish.

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